About Us

Planbpreneur is an innovative digital service platform and community designed for individuals who want to increase their influence, impact and income.

We help individuals unleash their entrepreneurial potential, tap into their passions and interests and create opportunities for themselves and others.  Much more than creating a Plan B for yourself, Planbpreneur is a revolutionary space for people who want to explore new ideas and interests, create value and impact the world in ways they truly care about.

Planbpreneur provides the knowledge, tools and systems to help ambitious individuals explore new ways to grow, earn and contribute. Using tested frameworks, result-oriented approaches and a community of collaborators and coaches, Planbpreneur helps you launch that idea you always wanted to launch and profit from it.

We exist for individuals who want to re-invent themselves, chart a new direction and get out of feeling stuck and living a life without options. 

If this resonates with you, then, this is the right place. Welcome and stick around!

Planbpreneur Offerings and products

Planbpreneur Creates a variety of formats to deliver value to you:


You will get on-going access to an amazing variety of resources designed to help you prepare for, launch, sustain and grow your entrepreneurial adventure. You can get started on this resource-rich subscription for free

Tailored Packages

You will get our short term offerings designed to meet a specific need in your entrepreneurial adventure. Tailored packages include: Profitable Side Hustle, Smart Earner and Busy Builder

Products and Events

You will access live events and interact with coaches and the community live as well as special products and toolkits that you can access and deploy right away.

These different formats combine the 3 Cs below to help you reach your goal:

We provide the knowledge, tools and resources to help you chart the course of creating great value, income, impact and influence.

We provide the expert guidance and the push needed to advance your entrepreneurial journey

We connect you with other ambitious and gifted individuals who are on a similar journey as you are

The Planbpreneur team

Planbpreneur is created by and backed up by experienced coaches and experts who have implemented and are implementing the same strategies that they share. Planbpreneur is designed by leaders with years of experience in performance, entrepreneurship, leadership, business, strategy and much more. You will meet and interact with our coaches across the different products and programmes that we offer.

Download Your Guide to Planbpreneurship

Download your free guide to becoming a planbpreneur and get some bonus ideas to kickstart a journey of greater impact and income!